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Neil Grunberg

Managing Partner, Co-Founder

20 years of operational experience, riding 3 unique rocket ship startups along the way. Most recently and notably, as co-founder of AlayaCare, Neil has helped grow and lead an industry changing entrant to global dominance in less than a decade. Neil possesses a deep understanding of what it takes to go from zero to one!


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Ryan Kimel

General Partner, Co-Founder

Ryan has been an active tech angel investor for over a decade with an alarming success rate built on a core principle to pick winning founding teams. Acting as board member and advisor-to many of the angels, Ryan has been able to bring a unique lens and perspective as well as a sounding board for founders.

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Investing together for nearly a decade, Ryan and Neil believe in founders, markets and the value of team work. With aligned philosophies, humble confidence, a complimentary skill set and deep trust in each other’s strengths, Neil and Ryan bring a passion to founders and their stories.

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