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What We

Invest in

Future of Work Technology

We invest in companies that will change ‘work’ for the better. This stretches from the Gig Economy, to how people find and are found for work, prepare and collaborate for work, perform actual work, are supported in their work and are paid or rewarded for work.


United Stated



Early Stage



What We

Don't Invest In

Direct to Consumer Technology

We love being consumers of great technology, it is fascinating and there are a ton of great investment opportunities in this space… we just don’t have the same depth of operational knowledge to create the same meaningful impact. We believe in adding a tremendous amount of value to our portfolio companies and feel D2C is not well aligned as a result.

Hardware Technology

Similar to D2C, we simply don’t have the depth of knowledge in supply chain and manufacturing to really make a case that we are the right advisors and investors to a great hardware play. We are excited for hardware companies, just don’t feel we can add the same type of value as we can with B2B SaaS, specifically Future of Work.

Investment Timing

We Don't currently invest in companies beyond seed stage


How we find, plan, perform and reward work is constantly evolving and re-inventing itself. Technology will continue to facilitate, initiate and now more than ever disrupt ‘work’. Decade after decade work has evolved following innovative technology, for the first time ever the workforce has advanced ahead of technology due to COVID-19, leaving a tremendous opportunity for founders. The Storytime Capital experience and network has and will continue to find the right founders make the right bets in the Future of Work.

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Your Partner in Growth

We are operation focused, if we don’t have the answer or sounding board for whatever challenge is in front of you we will find someone in our network who does. Our 20+ years of operator side experience will help you grow fast, grow strong and grow with an emphasis on being true to your founding goals, but also preparing you and your team for what lies ahead, Series A, B, C+.

Raise From Us

Email us at with the following:

  • Founding Team profile and LinkedIn links

  • Summary of Problem & Solution 

  • Links to product demos

  • Summary of why we should invest 

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