What We Look for

We look for world class teams solving big problems.

Our founders are passionate about both the journey they are on and the problem they are trying to solve. Large and growing market opportunities and unique value propositions are a must. With respect to revenue, we expect to see early signals of traction in seed stage companies, but we are not afraid to jump into a pre-seed opportunity pre-product market fit.

We have no hangups as to where a company is located or whether we lead or jump onto a syndicate; we simply want to invest in companies where our team and network can make a positive impact - whether through great intros or a quarterly call, or even embedding a superstar talent or diving deep for a major department focused workshop.

Our sweet spot is companies that are foundationally revolutionizing the way individuals and organizations define, discover, develop, execute, evaluate, and incentivize work.


Are you passionate about the future of work?

If you’re a founder building something explosive, send us a note! If you want to know more about us, check out our Team and our elite Advisors or contact one of our amazing Portfolio Companies.

What’s it like to pitch to us?

TL;DR - We aim to be quick, conscientious of founder time, and decide with conviction.

Lauren, Neil and Josh in the office


You will likely...


Have an initial conversation, followed by...


Light diligence, during which we investigate some key initial questions, and then...


Pitch the whole team before...


Deep dive on fundamental questions for our investment decision, and then...


We only issue Term Sheets (or agree to join a syndicate) if we have total conviction about your opportunity.

Our typical process takes approximately 4-6 weeks, but we can be responsive and nimble as required. Also, we understand the importance of developing relationships and often will meet promising founders many months before entering serious diligence discussions.